IWCE - Yarraville

Inner West Community Enterprises Limited
PO Box 313
Seddon West, Vic, 3011

Share Secretary Details:

PO Box 313‚
Seddon West, Vic, 3011


Share Registry Details:

Executive Officer
PO Box 313‚
Seddon West, Vic, 3011

Phone: 0411 324 343

Buy or Sell Shares

Do you want to become a shareholder in your local community bank? Initially we raised $673,000 from local mums, dads and community business owners to create Inner West Community Enterprises Limited, the social enterprise that owns the Seddon Community Bank® branch franchise. While the majority of our initial shareholders are still on board, occasionally small parcels of shares are available to buy.

  1. Email Executive Officer (EO) to receive appropriate forms
  2. Complete forms and return to EO
  3. Buyer / Seller will be matched to negotiate sales price for shares
  4. Once agreement is reached, notify EO in writing
  5. EO seeks approval of sale at IWCE Board Meeting (last Monday of each month)
  6. EO sends transfer form to both parties for signing and funds transferred
  7. Once forms and transfer complete, records updated on Sharedata website

Note: It is important to note that the negotiation of price is between buyer and seller only.

To buy or sell shares, please email here