The Community Pitch created by Seddon Community Bank Branch has just celebrated its fourth event!

Over the past four years, Seddon Community Bank Branch and our valued Pitch Partners have handed over $83,400 to help support local programs and projects that benefit our whole community.

The Community Pitch is a unique opportunity for local community groups to promote their projects and programs and tell the local community what they are doing. Each community group has 3 minutes to ‘pitch’ their project to a pool of local businesses.

At the end of the presentations each business or Pitch Partner receives their book of cheques with the opportunity to donate to the community group(s) who most inspired them – you actually have the chance to get face to face with the community groups you donate to.

Pitch Partner Feedback

“It’s a great opportunity to hear what’s happening in our community. There’s so many fantastic things going on that you don’t know about. And it’s so much fun handing over the cheques and knowing that you’re making a difference”

– Lisa, Adecco (Pitch Partner 2018)

“My first Bendigo Bank Community Pitch for Jas Stephens and I feel so proud to be a part of the inner west community.”

– Tania, Jas Stephens Real Estate (Pitch Partner 2016 – 2018)

And there’s more…

“So much gets organised by a few dedicated volunteers, it’s great to be able to meet them, see what’s happening and financially support them. Its a real eye-opener to see how far a little funding can go and what an impact it can make for people.”

– Stephen, Trade Creative (Pitch Partner 2015 – 2018)

“The Rotary Club of Yarraville is very pleased to support the Community Pitch event, it’s a great initiative and an opportunity to get an insight into the valuable work the Community Groups do, and to meet the wonderful people involved in the Groups as well.”

– Scott, Rotary Club of Yarraville (Pitch Partner 2015 – 2018)


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Suzanne Saunders (Marketing & Communications Manager)
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