Since 2005, Chris Gardner has applied over thirty years’ experience in senior management roles to help organizations grow and prosper. A large part of Chris’s activities has been in the research and composition of Applications for grant funding and the proper acquittal of funding received. Given the essential criteria of “…taking a good story and telling it well”, Chris’s skills in grants writing has also led him into preparing numerous successful Award entries for clients.

Chris offers IWCE constituents a range of Grant Writing support; from responding to a single question, previewing and critiquing your draft, through to researching, compilation, submission and acquittal of an Application. Comprehending the not-for-profit status of many of IWCE’s constituents and depending on the extent of the project.


Applications for Grant Funding

1. Introductions
It is clearly in both a prospective client’s and Chris’s interest to avoid spending time and/or money on a Grant Application that does not have a realistic chance of attracting funding. With this in mind, the initial client contact (telephone conversations and/or email exchange) focuses on making that assessment. If we determine that the planned project cannot meet funding eligibility criteria and /or does not have sufficient merit, we’ll advise the client accordingly.

2. Site Visit
As is the case with all our client / prospective client dealings, post initial introductions, our preferred development process begins with a client site visit to “put faces to names” and assess the business operations and proposed project. Notably; these site visits often reveal affirmative aspects of the business and/or project that the client has either overlooked (through familiarity) or did not think relevant.

3. Comprehension and Quote
Following our site visit, Chris will draft “meeting notes” setting out our understanding of the business / project essentials for the client to review, correct and expand upon as required. Once these are settled, a quotation to do the required work, addressing what the project is, how Chris proposes to meet the client’s funding objective and the fee for doing that work.

4.Project Scoping / Expression of Interest
In recent years both Victoria and Commonwealth funding programs have (typically) introduced a pre-Application process providing for intending Applicants to lodge a project scoping / EOI for preliminary assessment. If thought warranted, the Applicant is then invited to make a comprehensive Application. Importantly; in those cases where an invitation is not extended, whilst the client is disappointed, they have avoided the more substantial cost attendant to preparing an inappropriate Application.

Obviously, the proposed project will deliver benefits to the client and whilst these will be identified, strategically; in preparing the project scoping FMS will emphasise and articulate the expected outcomes as they effect the funding program’s targeted objectives (economic development, employment, regional growth, export market development, etc.). If requested; FMS will also attend any preliminary meetings with Program Administrators or Regional Departmental Officers.

5. Application
Chris will construct an Application for funding that articulates and elaborates the merits of the project, supported by authoritative statistical and industry research. He will also do any other reasonable and relevant work to maximize the likelihood of a successful Application.

6. Fees
We enjoy the fact that every client and every project is different in many ways. Whilst this provides Chris with interesting work, it also makes it impossible to offer a standard fee – some clients have everything necessary “at their finger-tips” and only need our ability to “tell their good story well”, whilst some others need the full gamut of our expertise and experience gained from thirty-five years working in senior management roles. Thus; we can only note our general fee structure which offers either Fee for Service or part (and lesser) Fee for Service plus a weighted Fee for Success.