The future generation is today’s greatest asset!

MAD YOUTH will bring passionate young people aged 15-24 together.

Young people have a voice too – YOU are the leaders of tomorrow.

MAD YOUTH will help develop YOUR skill set and give YOU the satisfaction of completing projects and creating programs that make a REAL difference!

What’s in it for you?

We’ll support YOU to make a difference in YOUR local community by providing funding (yes, real money) for programs of YOUR choice about things YOU really care about.

Whether YOUR passion lies within homelessness, equality, animal welfare, sustainability, employment, mental health, substance use, ethics, diversity or even global warming, we’re here to SUPPORT YOU to do something about it.

Develop YOUR skill set, add it to YOUR resume, be in control, meet new people, connect to your community and gain experience that will benefit YOUR FUTURE.

If you want the power to Make A Difference, it’s time to join MAD Youth!