Since 2009 over 130 local community schools, clubs and organisations have received funding from Seddon Community Bank® and we have supported more than 20 of the inner west’s vibrant community festivals and events.

We also deliver educational and convenient SCHOOL BANKING to local schools, with school banking embraced by many parents as one of the first steps in the financial literacy journey of their children.

So if you are a resident or business owner in our community, please consider your banking choice and bank with Seddon Community Bank®. It’s simple – the more customers who choose to bank with us, the more we can invest in your community.


Opening an Account with Bendigo Bank to benefit our Community

As part of the process to open an account online with Bendigo Bank you will be directed to a page that looks like this:

It is important that you tick the box and identify Seddon Community Bank, 90 Charles Street, Seddon as your branch to ensure that the benefits of your banking choice remain within our community. Thank you for your support!