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Connecting in Neighbourhood House Week


When West Footscray Neighbourhood House put the call out for volunteers to support a Neighbourhood Week initiative, the Seddon Community Bank team jumped at the chance.

West Footscray Neighbourhood House does a lot of work to support people who are socially isolated prior to COVID-19. The organisation runs a weekly group which brings people together for morning tea and a chat, made on a coffee machine funded by Community Pitch a couple of years ago. They have also received funding to take the group on day trips and outings.

This year, social connection was even more important due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Bec Gelsi from WFNH said “The theme for the initiative is ‘Loneliness: The solution is community’. The theme was chosen before COVID-19 came to town but it has never been so true.This physical distancing has perhaps given all of us a glimpse at what it’s like to be socially isolated, which is the daily reality for so many in our community.”

“But whether you are oh-so-popular or you feel very much alone we have an activity to connect you. In the lead up to Neighbourhood Houses Week we’re going to pair people to exchange cards. Yes, in the mail; so old school! First it was the iso baking, then phone calls made a comeback, and now it’s mail.If you’d like to exchange a card (and why wouldn’t you?) fill in this form with your details and you will be matched with someone for an encouraging | social | connecting card exchange.”

So, that’s exactly what the Seddon branch team have been doing – writing cards to people in their community who they wouldn’t normally get the chance to connect with. It’ s a very different environment in our branch at the moment and this is a great chance to take some time out to help the Neighbourhood House and locals.