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Gen Z’s take the stage


Gen Z

It was a loan exercise turned interactive, when students from a local primary school pitched their small business concepts to our staff.

With the hope of getting their ‘loans’ approved, our staff were invited to visit West Footscray Primary School and hear from some of the community’s brightest young minds.

Branch Manager Ashley Coles said he was blown away.

“The kids were great – such bright young minds,” Mr Coles said.

“There’s definitely a few CEO’s, entrepreneurs and small business owners in the making.”

Financial literacy is something we take seriously here at Seddon Community Bank® branch.

Teaching the next generation how to manage money and become financially healthy, is one of the many things we take pride in.

“It’s pleasing to see this generation of youngsters so driven to achieve financial goals at such an early age,” he said.

“We learned just as much from the students as they learned from us,” Mr Coles concluded.