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Little Reality Becomes A Reality


This month at the branch we welcome an exhibition of the artwork of  Colleen Little, founder of Little Reality. Colleen was born and raised in the Canadian Prairies, completing a Studio Arts Degree at the University of Saskatchewan and an Arts Education Degree at the University of Regina. Immigrating to Australia, she spent her first decade based in Melbourne working as a teacher and artist then relocated, with her partner, to Brisbane to fulfil warm climate dreams and raise their son and dog.

Her work is with acrylic paint on canvas and paper, as well as artist markers and pens on bleed proof paper. Creating colourful depictions of man-made and organic subject matter found in my surroundings, she finds inspiration in the beauty and uniqueness of the ordinary and everyday.

Passionate about using her creative process as a way to ruminate on how life is perceived, she uses underpainting and blocking in to build up vibrant surreal colours and bold outlines to add focused detail that represent what was remembered instead of the reality.

When not illustrating or painting, Colleen can be found, making and creating in other areas; gardening, furniture up-cycling, embroidery, beading, bread & pasta making, pottery… the list goes on. Her motto is “variety is the spice of life” and she likes hers extra spicy.

Westside Views Collection

This body of work was inspired by the commercial/residential architecture and gardens Colleen discovered on my daily walks in 2021 with her son while living in the Inner West.

Colleen’s work will be exhibited at the Community Bank Seddon from now until the end of June. All works are available for purchase.