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A Brief History of Seddon


Acknowledging National Heritage Month – 16 April to 16 May 2024

Seddon was named after the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Sir Richard Seddon, who had lived and worked in Seddon. The are was formerly known as Belgravia, however when the new station was opened in 1906, the name was considered too close to Belgrave. Sir Richard died the same year, returning from a trip to Australia.

Block of land in the area came on sale in 1866. A residence at 1 Vigo Street, is one of the oldest surviving buildings.

Distinctive trams ran from Irving Street, Footscray into Nicholson Street, Buckley Street, Victoria Street, Gamon Street then Somerville Road to the terminus at the corner of Williamstown Road (where Carnovale Pharmacy is now located). The trams were very different as they weren’t as long but much wider. The line closed in 1962.

Seddon was only officially gazetted as a suburb in 1999 (hence the same postcode as Footscray). The north side of Charles Street was originally part of Footscray so the suburb has expanded significantly the years.

  • Ian Johnson, President – Footscray Historical Society and Seddon resident for 45 years