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Betty McClafferty Judo Scholarship


Meet Zarah, this year’s recipient of the Betty McClafferty Judo Scholarship.

This year is the second year the scholarship has been awarded to a student of Newport Judo Club. Established in 2023, the scholarship is in honour of inaugural Community Bank Seddon Director, Betty McClafferty, who also played a key role establishing the branch in 2008.

Betty was not only a keen judo participant but was also a long time member and instructor at Newport Judo Club. This year, club President Richard Roper selected Zarah for the award as “despite being new to the sport, she has demonstrated exceptional talent and a natural aptitude for the discipline. Her skills on the mat are impressive, showing advanced techniques and quick learning abilities.

In addition to her physical skills, Zarah exhibits strong leadership qualities. She often takes the initiative in group settings, offering support and guidance to her peers. Her positive attitude and dedication inspire others, making her a valuable member of her Judo community.  Her combination of talent and leadership sets her apart as a promising young athlete.

We couldn’t think of a better recipient for the award, someone who exemplifies the same personality traits that made Betty the unique and special person that she was.

Congratulations Zarah!