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Community Pitch Story No. 7 – Footscray Historical Society


At this year’s Community Pitch Footscray Historical Society set the goal of funding its jubilee gathering . As a result, $700 was raised thanks to the generosity of eight wonderful Pitch Partners.

Our event held on Sunday 21 October 2018 at Metro West attracted in excess of 80 people. The Mayor Cr Cuc Lam and Society President Ian Johnson officiated. Anton Horvat (The Naked Egg Cafe, Yarraville) provided delicious and ample eats and Hop Nation, Whitehall Street Footscray donated slabs of the specially designed beer “The Patron”.

As mentioned at the Community Pitch, the Society’s committee decided that celebration of 50 years would provide momentum for future projects. The maintenance of Ercildoune, which the society owns, is a massive challenge. Recently Heritage Victoria funded restoration of the heritage listed building’s windows. The Society drew on its own resources to the extent of $17,000 to see this project to completion, not counting hundreds of hours of volunteering.

With much more work to be done on the building to make it disability accessible, the Society announced its establishment of the Ercildoune Building Fund. Guests paid an entry fee of $10, with no charge for refreshments. Hop Nation conducted a lucky ticket fundraiser on the weekend of launching “The Patron”. This raised over $600.

Individual members who donated to the fund were invited to take home a jar of Ercildoune honey (yes, we have our own hives attended by a highly respected beekeeper). Beautiful flower arrangements from the Ercildoune garden added to the ambience. The main outgoings for the jubilee gathering were the venue and catering.

Our treasurer is yet to report on the total cost of wine, tea, coffee, soft drink, decorations and printing – and on the proceeds. We do know however, that the Society is in front. The committee is proud of the way the entire event was conducted and thrilled that so many came along to enjoy the nostalgia, conversation, Footscray Tramways film projection and the very best refreshments. Sincere thanks to all the organisers of the Community Pitch and the many generous Pitch Partners.

Carmel Taig (Footscray Historical Society)