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‘Sam’s 1000’ powered by Love Your Sister


Samuel Johnson is embarking on another epic quest. He is partnering with 1,000 businesses to help him provide precision medicine for cancer patients everywhere, because he’s sick of us losing our loved ones. Community Bank Seddon is proud to be one of those 1,000 businesses.

This mission may be harder than spending 364 days becoming the world’s most determined unicyclist. Like all the challenges he sets himself, including his promise to the nation to raise $10M for cancer research, he will not cease until it is achieved. Love Your Sister’s individual supporters are generous, to the tune of $1.5M per annum for cancer research, but Samuel wants to make sure every cancer patient is offered precision medicine, yesterday, not tomorrow, and rolling out precision medicine for all can be achieved if businesses join in. So, he needs support from businesses everywhere – small businesses, medium enterprises and the big mobs we’ve all heard of too. Precision medicine puts our patients on the right medicine, first time, every time. Importantly, it eradicates false lines of medication, saving many lives and countless billions on the wrong drugs.

There is also a huge gap. There are marked deficiencies in cancer outcomes in regional, rural and remote areas. It’s not good enough. Bureaucracies are too slow and are not keeping up. Australia can’t wait while so many cancer patients are being left behind. By partnering with businesses everywhere, Samuel has a solution.

Together with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and OMICO (Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre), Love Your Sister has formulated an affirmative action solution to address this disadvantage via a dedicated program to support cancer centres and patients in regional and remote areas. This solution addresses Love Your Sister’s vision for equity of access for all cancer patients, regardless of income or where they are based.

The Love Your Sister team will spend all of its considerable energies on encouraging 1,000 businesses, of all sizes, to support our mission. Samuel knows how cancer ravages families, incomes, divorce-rates and our friendships, but it directly affects workplaces too. Samuel is asking that businesses help monthly, on three different levels.

There will be 900 Welterweight Businesses that donate $100 every month. Samuel spoke with a hairdresser recently and she can donate the cost of a haircut a week. Some hairdressers can’t, but she can. There will be 100 Middleweight and Heavyweight Businesses, who will do the bulk of the heavy lifting, at $500 and $1,000 per month.

This is a mammoth task. Samuel laughs at the impossible though, makes dreams come true and shows that with hard work and togetherness, we can improve our patient outcomes drastically and provide precision medicine for all. Our scientists are smart enough, they just don’t have the resources they need. When businesses and individuals unite and act with meaning and purpose, we will triumph. Help build a national response that embraces precision medicine aims, bio-banking, a co-ordinated database and research sharing so that we can eliminate waste and solve cancer, right here in Australia. Together we can get there.

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