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School Banking


We’ve all heard about the importance of managing our money, and managing it well…

Here at Seddon Community Bank® branch, we believe it’s just as important, if not more so, to teach our kids to be money smart.

That’s why we’ve taken school banking to not one, not two, but five local schools.

On any given day in Seddon and Footscray you’ll find our staff and board sitting side by side with students talking about ‘how much pocket money they’re depositing today’ and ‘what they’re saving up for’.

With a skip in their step, the children race over to the display table, full of ‘Piggy’merchandise and wait patiently in line to bank their hard earned cash.

Then its high fives all-round before heading to class.

Over the past year we’ve helped hundreds of kids save and they’ve helped us…

Because by choosing to bank locally, they’re supporting the community that supports them.