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Snapshots of Seddon Exhibition


The team at Seddon Community Bank Branch are thrilled to be supporting the upcoming exhibition of photographs from the Snapshots of Seddon competition.

“We see Snapshots of Seddon as an historical archive of our rapidly changing suburb.” said Branch Manager, Ashley Coles. “The landscape and people have changed quite dramatically in recent years, however the wonderful sense of community stays the same. We see this as a great opportunity to acknowledge the changes but also celebrate all that makes Seddon the unique village that it is.”

Snapshots of Seddon was originally founded in 2005 by Larissa MacFarlane and Ellis Hughes, who developed the event to help create a welcoming and inclusive space for disabled people. “We decided to create an event that would be inclusive of everyone, not just able bodied people. And we decided to put the project right in the middle of the community where we were visible.”

The original competition required participants to enter a hard copy of their photograph which was then displayed in local shopfront windows in Seddon Village. Residents and visitors then had the opportunity to vote for their favourite photo. Digital photography wasn’t as accessible as it is today, so Larissa would set up a printer in Harris Reserve to assist participants to print their photos, to ensure everyone in the community had the opportunity to join in.

The exhibition will showcase the original entries from 2006 – 2011 in the branch and windows of businesses in the streets of the Seddon Village and will give locals, old and new, the opportunity to see the how dramatically the face of Seddon has changed in recent years. “We are hoping that the exhibition will generate some enthusiasm to resurrect the competition in 2020, so we are keen to get feedback from locals, traders and visitors,” said Ashley.

Snapshots of Seddon Exhibition runs 14th – 28th October in Victoria, Charles & Gamon Street, Seddon