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What is Social Enterprise Accreditation?


Updated 15th January, 2024.

In exciting news to kick off the year, the paperwork is in and we have achieved accreditation as a Social Enterprise via Social Traders!

Thanks to the shareholders of Community Bank Seddon approving our Mission Statement at last year’s AGM to allow Inner West Community Enterprises, the holder of the franchise for Community Bank Seddon, to take the final step to become an accredited Social Enterprise by Social Traders.

This is so important as we are now officially recognised for our commitment to the prosperity of our community. We know it will help us continue to tell the story about why choosing a Community Bank matters. This has been a long journey pioneered by the amazing Nan Caple, supported by Lauren Bean (She/Her) and our partner Bendigo Bank and our visionary MD Marnie Baker. So excited for the next phase of this journey creating real impact in our community.

What is Social Enterprise Accreditation?

My favourite definition of a social enterprise is ‘an organisation with the head of a business and the heart of a charity’.  It resonates so much for the team at Community Bank Seddon and the business that holds the franchise Inner West Community Enterprises, because that is exactly what we are.

Accreditation with Social Traders acknowledges the work that Community Banks do to build resilient and dynamic communities and recognise that our operations actually mean we operate as a social enterprise. And excitingly, a large number of other Community Banks have, or are in the process of, becoming accredited as well.

So why is Social Enterprise accreditation important?

Firstly, it is a more contemporary definition of how Community Bank Seddon operates and helps government, business and customers understand why we are different.  It’s also the fastest-growing sector of our economy and the community that’s helping drive real change on significant social, cultural and climate issues. That sounds exactly like the community we want to be part of and contribute to.

If you are a fellow social enterprise in our community, then we want to connect with you!  We want to learn how we can better support this part of our business community and help social enterprises in the inner west thrive.

  • Sarah Franklyn, Chair – Inner West Community Enterprises