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Toy Drive Donations for YSDS Program


The Community Bank Seddon has a long-standing relationship with Yarraville Special Developmental School (YSDS), sponsoring several school programs that support the school’s students from Prep – Year 12.

YSDS is a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) School, the purpose of which is to establish and maintain a positive and safe learning environment that enhances their school culture.

The aim of SWPBS is to:

  • Build a positive culture that promotes social and academic success
  • Identify and prevent problematic behaviour in its early stages
  • Explicitly teach appropriate social skills to all students
  • Use data to assess and improve the culture of our school

Students are taught the expected behaviours in all areas of the school and are rewarded for demonstrating these throughout the day by collecting tokens.

In November 2021 they launched the SWPBS Shop.  Students ‘save up’ their tokens to exchange for rewards in the shop. The shop is stocked with fabulous rewards that featured in a catalogue. The students’ response has been overwhelming and they have been ecstatic to receive rewards that they were saving up for.

As such, the shop has had an extremely positive impact on student’s behaviour as they are trying their best to demonstrate the expected behaviours so that they can revisit the shop again and again.

While funding has been provided to support the program, we are also calling out to our local community to help with donations of new, unused toys to ensure that the shop remains well-stocked.

The items requested include:

Sensory – kinetic sand, play doh, slime, fidget toys, squishy balls

Stationery – chalk, textas, notebooks, paint sets, stickers

Toys – trucks, dolls, soft toys, slinkys, wands, sea creatures

Sport – balls of all kinds

Accessories – headbands, sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces, nail polish, hair clips

Costumes – super heroes, princesses, doctors, fireman, fairies, butterflies (sizes 4 – 10)

Anything related to Disney, Bluey, Paw Patrol, Marvel

Donations will be gratefully accepted at the branch from now until Friday 6th May (Monday – Friday, 9,30am – 2.00pm). Both the branch team and the team from YSDS appreciate your support.