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Community Pitch Story #7 – Footscray Historical Society


The aim of our pitch was to raise funds to take art and history outside and reproduce Kenneth Jack’s seven pictures of Maribyrnong River bridges onto a durable surface suitable for display in the Ercildoune garden.

Despite a generous group of donors, we were unable to raise what we needed to fund the project. While the committee was considering how additional funds could be raised, another matter came to their attention – the failure of the Footscray Historical Society’s website. An upgrade was urgently needed which created the opportunity to design a more contemporary site with a bookstore and e-commerce platform.

The committee decided to contact all the Pitch Partners who donated to the art project to explain the situation and obtain approval on the funds being re-directed to the website upgrade, to which they agreed.

The cost of restoring the site was $1,239.30 which has included a fresh look, improved functionality but also a saving by using a more economical hosting site.

We’re really happy with our new website and we’d love you to take a look  HERE