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Creating Opportunities by Helping Kids get to School


“Can you imagine going to school in a new country where you may not speak or write in the language; your parents don’t speak the language fluently; you have never been to school or it has been some time since you last went to school; the school system and curriculum isn’t set up to support your settlement needs; the culture is different; you have no friends; you’ve experienced trauma; or have no extended family around you for support?

These are some of the reasons RMCC exists. With the individual needs of each child at the core, RMCC partners with their family, school, settlement agency and their community to together tackle the unique and complex barriers they face settling in Australia.”

 – RMCC Australia

Every year, and it’s not just this time of year, RMCC gets inundated with requests for support from the families it works with, as well as schools, other organisations and settlement agencies. Which is why the team at Seddon Community Bank Branch immediately jumped onboard to help run a Stationery and Material Aid Drive at the branch.

Once again, the response from the local community was amazing with donations of a wide range of school essentials ranging from stationery to practical items like backpacks and lunchboxes. But best of all, it was a chance meeting with local Footscray Office Choice owner, Ash Fraser, that provided the greatest support and the potential of an ongoing partnership with RMCC.

The donation drive ended on the 1st March and within days Program Officers, Amelia and Rose, were packing 50 backpacks full of school essentials to go out the same day. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the drive. Smile knowing that you have made a huge difference to 50 children’s lives today!