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Welcoming our Inaugural Scholarship Program Recipient


In February, the staff and Board members were pleased to welcome scholarship recipient, Zebib Gebralese and her mother to morning tea at the branch.

After the acquisition of the Community Bank Flemington in October last year, the IWCE Board and branch staff  were keen to find a way to acknowledge and give back to the Flemington community.

As such, our first Sponsorship Program for students at Mt Alexander College was developed, not just focusing on leadership and academic skills but with the main aim to really make a difference to a student’s tertiary experience. With the assistance of Principal, Daniela Angelico, Zebib was one of the students selected based on her leadership and academic excellence and commitment to the wider community.

Like any teenager, Zebib enjoys taking pictures (especially sunsets) and posting and vlogging, however she also enjoys painting and seeing exhibitions at the NGV. She’s keen to see the Chanel exhibition and Women in the Artworld.

Zebib is originally from Eritrea and has lived in Melbourne for 11 years, completing her secondary education in 2021 at Mt Alexander College. Despite her love of the arts, Zebib has chosen to study Global Studies at LaTrobe University, majoring in International Relations.

When asked what inspired her to choose the course, she responded –

“When I was in High School I was chosen to do a Mock UN which was a debate about how global nations can decrease the use of weapons in order to decrease conflicts around the world. As a result this inspired me to want to negotiate with other nations and resolve conflicts around the world.

My dream is either to be part of a political party or hold a seat within the UN and help the Australian Government in the decision of national security.

I do not want to work in the political field forever because I want to branch out and do new things such as like travel and look at new cultural and learn new things, I would also like to explore my creative side which I feel like I have surpassed in order to become a leader and contribute to world in resolving conflicts. I would like to have my own journalism/magazine company and release my own articles and showcase my Eritrean culture to which people don’t much of as Eritrea is an isolated country.”

Meanwhile the scholarship program will take the pressure off the day to day juggle of studies and part-time work and allow Zebib to join some extra-curricular activities. “The scholarship will assist me in terms of getting me to school as I use transport so I don’t have to stress about having a valid ticket. Or paying off some of my university fees but also this scholarship will allow me to get into programs that have Mock UN in Canberra Parliament for instance.”

While Zebib may be looking forward to a Mock UN in Canberra, the team will not be surprised to see this passionate and confident young woman involved in the real UN in years to come.

Suzanne Saunders